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How do I track my order?

Tracking your order is very simple. We ship nation wide using UPS ground, so please allow a week for its arrival. If you decide to track it please give us call and we will be happy to find your order and shipping information and provide you with the tracking info.


Do you provide International delivery?

YES! We ship worldwide! We use standard postal services, which depending on the country can sometimes take a little longer due to customs. But fear not, all packages eventually get there.

For International Inquiries such as shipping costs and accepted payment methods, please give us a call at (504)525-1899




What is your returns policy?

We offer store credit or exchange within 14 days upon receipt. However if the tag has been removed sales are final and no exchanges are possible. All sales are final on sale items.




How do I pack my hat for travel?


When packing your hat for travel always make sure the trim is facing the handle. You do not want the hat to rest on the feathers and flowers. We also provide acid free tissue to protect your new hat from dust and humidity.

How do I measure my head?

Measuring  your head is easily done. Please watch our tutorial on the custom hat page, and if you still have questions don't hesitate to ask.




How do I wear a cocktail hat?

A cocktail hat, or fascinator, is generally worn tilted to one side over your part, forward and over your eyebrow. They come with an elastic, comb or barrette. If yours has an elastic be sure to put it under your hair and behind your ears, never under the chin!




Where does the elastic go?

No we do not sell fancy party hats, the elastic DOES NOT go under your chin. For your comfort most cocktail hats are equipped with the elastic to match your hair. It simply goes under your hair, behind your ears, then style your hair around and on top. It is just like a headband.

We can also provide an elastic with all hats to keep them from jumping off your head or flying away.




How do I care for my new hat?


When not in use we recommend keeping your hat in its box. If it is seasonal, throwing in a couple cedar balls will prevent unwanted critters like moths from making a snack of it. However if you wear it often, which we certainly hope you do, the wear might start to show. Use a soft hair brush or tooth brush to rid it of any dust. If it gets wet simply let it air dry, do not attempt to wipe it down as you might crush the felt or any trim. If a flower or feather is looking sad you may steam it gently over a pot and if all fails fear not! We refurbish for free! Just bring your hat by the shop or ship it back to us and we will give it a new life.